Information on the event - Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show

Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show will take place in the Italian region of Lombardy from 29th October to 1st November 2020, with the guide and assistance of ACI (The Italian Automobile Club). Many localities will be involved in the event: Monza Autodromo, the main cities of the show, Milan and Monza and the entire Lombardy region.

The heart of the event, the Monza racetrack, will astound you with: the next-generation vehicles, the complete range and previewing of the latest models from car manufacturerswhich will in Viale Mirabello, surrounded by the park of Monza, where manufacturers will showcase the crème de la crème of their production. Also, giving the public the opportunity to test drive vehicles on-road, off-road, on the Formula 1 track and on the oval track all this within the grand park of Monza. Furthermore, “The Off-Road Experience”is for off-road lovers, an entire area dedicated to the 4x4’s of all makes, shapes and sizes.

Instead, the history of automobiles will come about near the car exhibition, in all its magnificence, exhibiting the history of the Italian automotive industry and the tradition of the great car manufacturers. Besides the prestigious classic cars, the 360-degree mobility theme will be addressed with a focus on contemporary and historical boats, planes and motorcyclesalso included.

The paddock next to the pits will be dedicated to the rumble of the supercars, hypercars and to the models that have become major players in motor sport. Entertainment and street food areas will embrace and cater the new Motor Show.

Private collectors and supercar owners will play a big role in Milano Monza Open-Air Motor Show, where they will be parading, rallying and doing laps on both the oval track and Formula 1 circuit, among which Gran Premio Parco Valentino, on Sunday 1st November, and Supercar Night Parade, on Thursday 29th October 29th.

On the inauguration day, 29th October, presidents and CEOs of the car manufacturers will position on the starting grid of the Formula 1 track and start their new engines for the President Parade, which will be the protagonist of a completely dedicated television program.

The city of Milan will be involved in the event during all four days of the event, with dynamic events and exhibitions. An in-depth study on electric mobility will be organized, with a focus on full electric and plug-in hybrid cars.

On the streets of the city platforms will be installed with news, prototypes, supercars of car manufacturers in a sort of contemporary open-air museum that will flow from Piazza Duomo to the very modern City Life, passing through Parco Sempione, via Montenapoleone and Corso Venezia, at the ACI Milano headquarters, a preview of the event will be presented in Milan on Wednesday 28 October, which will officially start the engines the following day in Monza.

Tickets for the event are available on the TicketOne website, they will give you access to the stationary exhibition area and the events inside the Autodromo.