10 June
MIMO, Milano Monza Motor Show officially begins!
10 Jun 2021 Permalink

MIMO, Milano Monza Motor Show officially begins!

MIMO 2021 edition begins with the ribbon-cutting ceremony: the live exhibition that takes place in Milan from the 10th to the 13th of June is finally online!

Sharing the stage with Andrea Levy, MIMO President, there were Angelo Sticchi Damiani, ACI-CSAI President, Fabrizio Sala, Education, University, Research, Innovation and Semplification Assessor of Lombardia Region, Giuseppe Sala, Mayor of Milan, Dario Allevi, Mayor of Monza and Geronimo la Russa, ACI Milano President.

People will be able to enjoy more than 120 models and 10 world premiere for free and totally safe thanks to QR code technology, displaying technical sheets, images, videos and link to the brand official site, to the configurator and to the test drive booking for each model. 

A innovative format for a basic event both for the automotive sector and for Italy, such that from this very first edition, MIMO is officially in the calendar of OICA, the international organization of motor vehicles manufacturers, as President Levy claimed today.