Formula SAE Italy | DynamisPRC Team | DP12 evo | Politecnico di Milano

Formula SAE Italy is an international educational event organized by ANFIA since 2017, which involves the departments of engineering of the Universities worldwide who compete in the design and the building of a prototype racing car. During the event, teams deal with a few challenges divided in two big categories: Static Events (Design, Business and Cost Engineering presentation) and Dynamic Events on track (Acceleration, Skid Pad, Autocross, Endurance, Trackdrive). Teams, that are divided in 4 classes of paricipation (Combustion, Electric, Driverless and Class 3 - projects only) are judged by experts at international level for each category, divided in panels.
Piazza San Babila
Anno 2021
Cilindrata 0 cm3
Peso 220 kg
Trazione Integrale
Potenza 150 CV
0-100 3 s
Consumo 0 km/l
Autonomia 0 km
Velocità Massima 120 km/h
Lunghezza / Larghezza / Altezza 250 / 150/ 125 cm
Sito ufficiale