Jannarelly DESIGN-1

At a time when sports cars have grown larger, heavier, and ever more complex, the Design-1 marks a return to the stylistic and mechanical purity of sports cars from the Golden Age of Motorsports. Weighing just 1,786 pounds, the 325 hp Design-1 strips the idea of a sports car down to its essential elements and then distills them for maximum effect. Born as a barchetta, the Design-1 now can be ordered with a glass windshield. To be protected from the weather we have also developed a very unique canopy-style carbon fiber removable hardtop. Heating system, A/C and bluetooth sound system are the main options we could not say no to. To give you the opportunity to enjoy the Design-1 during a week-end trip, 2 luggage compartments have been designed at the rear and at the front.
Da definire
Anno 2018
Cilindrata 3498 cm3
Peso 850 kg
Trazione Posteriore
Potenza 325 CV
0-100 3,9 s
Prezzo a partire da € 100.000
Sito ufficiale