Test Drive Area

From the 10th to the 13th June 2021, thanks to the partnership with Enel X, the latest models with green engines of brands participating to MIMO eill be displayed at the Focus electric and hybrid cars in Piazza Castello, in front of the splendid setting of Castello Sforzesco.
Hybrid, electric and plug-in cars new on the market will represent future mobility, combining the most refined technology with the collective need to safeguard the planet.
The Focus electric and hybrid cars area access will be granted after the registration, (click HERE), and the access will respect the current regulations.

Test Drive

The public will be able to some of the hybrid and electric models present in the area by booking the test drive.
Each car and motorbike exhibited at MIMO will be linked to a QR code that will redirect to a dedicated page in milanomonza.com website, on which visitors - both present and virtual - will be able to find all the information about the model, as the technical data sheets, images and videos and the link to the official website of the brand, to the configurator, and to the form to inquire for a quotation or to book a test drive, even if the model won't be available for a test during MIMO.

The dedicated page to register for Focus electric and hybrid cars and to book test drives will be available soon on this website.

Test Drive Auto Elettriche e Ibride Plug-in
Test Drive Auto Elettriche e Ibride Plug-in